Our Vision

Inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus, who came to give fullness of life to all and His call to spread the Good news of love, peace, justice and fraternity to all nations and stirred by the example and directions of our Founders, Fr. Theodosius Florentini and Mother Theresa Scherer in their

  • unbounded faith and trust in the divine providence
  • farsightedness
  • innovative approach to education
  • unfailing courage to take risks
  • preferential love for the poor and the underprivileged and challenged by inhuman poverty, massive illiteracy, environmental degradation, gender discrimination, various forms of child-abuse, corruption, displacement of the poor, consumerism, fundamentalism, and eroding moral values, our mission, as compassionate leaders, is to form young women and men of character who will distinguish themselves by their academic and professional excellence, sound spiritual and moral values, with holistic growth in their intellectual, emotional, physical, aesthetic abilities, spirit of selfless service, and leadership qualities.

Thus they will commit themselves to the transformation of the present day social conditions and contribute towards building a just and eco-friendly human society where genuine freedom, equality of opportunities and respect for all the religions, moral and social values found in the Gospels and enshrined in the constitution of India will prevail.