Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are spacious and well lit and allow students to integrate classroom exercises with the lab assignments. The ample space permits equipments to remain set-up, saving time and effort of both teachers and students. There are meticulously designed and neatly labeled charts and manuals to facilitate experiments and assist students to execute all these with ease and safety. All the equipments are of top class to ensure that our students face no difficulties and enjoy the learning experience while conducting experiments. The Math lab provides opportunities to understand the theories in practical ways which simplifies learning.

Computer Lab

The school has two fully air-conditioned computer labs featuring more than sixty computer systems allowing every student to get acquainted with the practical aspect of technology. The computers have been upgraded with appropriate software to enable students to compile and run programs as per their syllabus. The high school computer lab is equipped with a dedicated internet connection for enterprising students to have a chance to be familiar with the internet.