Our Curriculum

Co-Curricular Activities

In Holy Cross school, co-curricular activities play an important role. The students from lower classes onwards are encouraged to participate in different activities and are well guided by the teachers for better performance.

Student Council- This organization is made up of the captain of Houses and representatives of the co-curricular activities along with elected and nominated students of each class from Std VI to X inclusive. Election on democratic principles are conducted for the posts of School Captain and Vice-Captain. The main purpose of this group is to assist the Principal in carrying out various affairs of the school. The moderator of this student body is the Vice-Principal who guides the students in a very creative way. Principal is the Chief Patron.

L.T.S. – L.T.S. means Leadership Training for Service. The motto of this is “For God and Country”.

Senior students are invited to join this group, to grow as God oriented persons and to be aware of their responsibility in serving the country to progress.

TARU MITRA- (Friends of Trees) Taru Mitra is a students’ organization for our environment. The Members of this organization try to become a friend of the Earth by taking care of the nature and creating mass-awareness concerning the fast deteriorating aspects of our environment.

SCIENCE CLUB- A creative organization of students started in November 1997 to promote development of Scientific talents and create a platform for discovery and innovation for the students.It goes with its motto “Be Scientific, Think Scientific and Act Scientific”.

ARTS CLUB- Students’ organization started in September 1999, with “knowledge and Service” as motto. Aims and objectives are: Transmission and Promotion of cultural heritage and development of social, moral, spiritual and intellectual values.